The Terracotta Collection with Vestige Story

Words By Youna Choi

A person’s individuality is just like primary colours – bold and pure. They are the authentic building blocks of the creative process. Collaboration then acts as the brush, filling in the gaps with layered, mixed shades.


A certain kind of invincibility is sparked when like-minded creatives are guided by a shared vision and the support of collective action. This is the beauty of collaboration, a leaven that permeates the creative process and allows ideas to rise and expand through mutual interaction, propelling forward to reach new frontiers. In essence, collaboration is about creating meaning together by sharing in each other's narrative, an art that we strive to cultivate in order to foster what we value most – priceless human connection.

We had the pleasure of working with Vestige Story, a slow fashion brand for mindful creatives, to co-create a visual colour story on our limited edition release, The Terracotta Collection. We explored the timeless appeal that this colour has sustained throughout history, one that recalls the primal, ancient world while continuing to express a modern, contemporary appeal. As we took our terracotta-inspired palette for a spin around the colour wheel, we realized a thing or two about collaboration. Just as the correct application of colour theory enhances all hues to appear with definition and balance, good collaboration allows everyone’s strengths to shine in harmony, resulting in a highly impactful and rewarding story to be told.

Aileen Lee is the creator behind Vestige Story, ‘the poetic synthesis between the essence of minimalistic beauty and the gravity of storytelling.’ Stories collected from women of all walks of life form the basis of her designs, with each garment sharing its own unique narrative. Using only premium, natural fabrics that are made to last, Vestige Story is the praxis of thoughtful design and strives to empower women with mindfulness and creativity. As someone who has worked extensively with a diverse group of talent, we asked Aileen to share some of her personal thoughts on collaboration and weaving together a cohesive and seamless experience for all.

What has collaboration taught you throughout your journey as a creative professional?

I find that collaboration is deeply entwined with creativity. The two nourish each other, and in turn, fuels innovation. I believe humans are innately “collaborative”, as new discoveries are often made when we share our accumulated knowledge and experiences. A person’s individuality is just like primary colours – bold and pure. They are the authentic building blocks of the creative process. Collaboration then acts as the brush, filling in the gaps with layered, mixed shades. Unfortunately, we humans as a species are constrained by time and space, and there are only so many ideas we can conceive or execute within our lifetime. Through meaningful collaborations, this process can be accelerated. We learn from different fields and subsequently add to our own creative work.

What key elements would you identify in a successful collaboration?

As each individual is unique, I never approach collaborations with the same formula. In fact, I think of collaborations as an evolving act of finding synergy within opposing opinions. The collaborators I seek out often come from entirely different creative fields. I welcome these disparate perspectives because conflicting notions can push ideas forward. The key then is to find ways to resolve these differences, which requires one to think outside of the box. The process always begins with exploration – a reflective evaluation of what each party can bring to the table. It is a beautiful, chilling sensation when these puzzle pieces come together perfectly, and new fruit is borne from the collaboration.

With the right approach, collaboration can open up an infinite spectrum of new possibilities for innovation and human connection. As we continue to work alongside our community of like-minded creatives, our hope is to develop the art of collaboration, skilfully learning to enhance each other's strengths through complementation, and make anything achievable. ■


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