Toronto, Canada

Our Ossington store arrives soon.

Celebrate our opening weekend with us

From sweet treats to special offers for early guests, we’re making the most of our opening weekend on Ossington Avenue in downtown Toronto. Celebrate in store with us from June 21–23. We can't wait to see you in person.

Store hours

Friday, June 21

Saturday, June 22

Sunday, June 23

11am – 7pm

10am – 7pm

10am – 6pm

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A symphony of design and nature

Bordering Toronto’s vibrant Little Portugal, Monos Ossington draws inspiration from the ephemeral beauty of fleeting moments. Designed in collaboration with Ste. Marie, the store’s interior is influenced by a gentle surrealist interpretation of Portugal’s pousadas, evoking a dreamlike quality through its soft, sweeping forms and carefully curated material palette.

At the heart of the room, flanked by monoliths of split-faced cottonwood limestone, a singular olive tree stands against a dramatic light feature of illuminated, stretched fabric. Extending from behind the tree and rising up into the ceiling, the backdrop bathes the space in a soft, diffuse, and transcendent glow. Artful plinths formed of honed Turkish Rainbow Onyx give way to a delicate water flow, an ode to the inextricable connection between humanity and the natural world. Softly encased wall niches adorned with subtle Italian Onice Avorio Striato stone showcase our curated collection of products.

Opening June 21

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